Digital Technology for Successfully Managing Blood Pressure at Home

Blood pressure management from home has changed a lot with the introduction of digital technology. New blood pressure monitor devices can measure blood pressure (BP) from the comfort of the home. Also we can share readings with the health care provider for further analysis. High blood pressure is a silent killer as many people fail … Read more

How to Check Your Blood Pressure at Home

Did you know that one in three Indian adults has high blood pressure? Did you know that you could have high blood pressure without even realizing it? It’s not always easy to tell if you have high blood pressure. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you’re monitoring it at home, especially if your doctor has told … Read more

Which is the Best BP Monitor in India?

High blood pressure is the major cause for stroke & heart diseases. The best way to control these 2 problems is by controlling your blood pressure. Controlling your blood pressure starts with regular home monitoring. This will help your doctor to adjust your treatment. An electronic blood pressure monitor will help you to check your … Read more

How To Buy A Blood Pressure Monitor For Home Use

Before you purchase a blood pressure monitoring machine you’ll need to learn the different features and your price range as well as how often you’ll be checking your blood pressure. It’s vital to purchase your blood pressure monitor from a reliable medical supply retailer who has someone that specializes in teaching others how to properly … Read more

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Advantages and Disadvantages

Out of many advantages, one of the major hallmarks of a digital blood pressure monitor is the conviniency that it offers in its mode of operation. Digital blood pressure monitors are great for home use especially if you’ll be taking the blood pressure readings yourself. They make use of electronic pressure sensors that help to … Read more

Step-by-Step Blood Pressure Check at Home

You need to follow some important steps for an accurate home blood pressure monitoring. Manual and digital blood pressure monitor have specific instructions that accompany them. Hence, follow these instructions carefully for accurate results. Here are the steps to take your own blood pressure on your left arm. If you’re going to be taking your … Read more

What is Blood Pressure and How to Check it at Home

People must understand the importance of checking blood pressure (BP) regularly since about “one-third” of the adult population is living with high BP. High BP may lead to cardiovascular events like a heart attack or stroke. The only way to identify this in early stage is regular blood pressure monitoring, as many individuals do not … Read more