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Change in body temperature is the main reaction of our body.  A huge rise in your body temperature is a sign for illness. At this stage, you need to seek medical attention immediately.  An Omron Digital Thermometer at home is the best and easy way to check your body temperature regularly. Also it will help you to monitor the body temperature of you and your family regularly.

Types of Omron Digital Thermometer Available

There are many types of thermometers available in the market.  Mercury thermometers were very common previously.  But due to the rise in security concerns, more clinics and hospitals are changing to digital thermometers.  It is not advisable to keep poisonous mercury in clinics and hospital setup.

Another concern is whether the thermometer in clinical setup is hygienic or not.  We don’t like to use a thermometer which was used previously by another person.  Most of the thermometers are keeping either below the tongue or at under arm.  Hence some doctors do prefer no contact thermometers in their clinics. Nowadays most of the parents prefer no contact thermometers or  ear thermometers for their kids.