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omron digital thermometer mc 343f

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Fast Result 10 Sec for Rectal, 20 Sec for Oral, Flexible tip

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You know you want the highest level of accuracy when measuring your body temperature and it really counts. But you also want speed. Research shows that temperatures measured orally, rectally, or under the arm with a precision instrument like Omron MC 343F offer the highest level of accuracy. You know you don’t want to look into glass or mercury thermometers, because there are so many dangers involved with those, even as accurate as they are. So what should you choose? You need to carefully consider the Omron Digital Thermometer MC 343F.

Waiting two minutes for a reading may be more than you or your child can easily tolerate. You want something faster without sacrificing accuracy. And you want the comfort of a completely flexible tip for your measurements. Some digital thermometers feature a rigid tip, which may be fine for some users. But it is not what you want for your family’s ease when their temperature is taken.

Like the other digital thermometers in the fine Omron lineup, this Omron thermometer uses the precision thermistor technology to measure temperature at the highest caliber of accuracy. A Thermistor is a specialized type of resister that is extremely sensitive to temperature. They are known for temperature measurements that are dependable, predictable, and precise.

Unlike many other digital thermometers on the market, the Omron Digital Thermometer MC 343F is incredibly fast. It only takes 10 seconds to register a rectal reading, 20 seconds to register an oral reading, 25 seconds for an underarm measurement and with caveats. Note that for truly accurate underarm measurements, you will still need to wait 2-5 minutes.

Not only that, but this thermometer has memory to save your last temperature. Hence you can check the change between the last temperature and the current one. Even though it is very fast, you don’t have to check the thermometer to see when it has completed its measurement. It has a buzzing notification to alert you to when it is done. Note that the thermometer will continue to measure temperature even after the notification has sounded for your convenience.

Features & benefits of Omron digital thermometer MC 343F

  1. Flexible tip ensures convenience
  2. Display is 3 digit
  3. Uses thermistor technology
  4. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  5. Measures from 89.6 to 107.6 Fahrenheit and from 32 to 42 Degree Celsius.
  6. Accuracy of ± 0.2 for Fahrenheit and ± 0.1 for Degree Celsius in normal room temperatures.
  7. Dimension is 19.4 x 132.5 x 10 (mm)
  8. Total weight is 12 gram
  9. Memory for last reading
  10. Water resistant and hence it is easy for cleaning.
  11. Fast measurement at 10 seconds for rectal reading, 20 seconds for an oral reading, and 25 seconds for an underarm reading.
  12. You can replace the battery very easily.
  13. Battery life is 2 years when 3 readings taken per day.
  14. When the measurement is complete, buzzer sounds.
  15. Comes with user instruction leaflet.

Box Contents for Omron MC 343F

  1. Test Battery (LR41)
  2. Case for protection
  3. Probe Covers – 5
  4. Instruction manual


You want the utmost in accuracy but you also want a fast measurement. And comfort is important for you and your family. You have found it all in the Omron Digital Thermometer MC 343F. Buy Omron MC 343F today for a safe, accurate, fast, comfortable thermometer for your family.


Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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Oral, Rectal, Underarm

Temperature Display

Degree Celsius/Fahrenheit

Measurement Range

32 to 42 Degree Celsius (89.6 to 107.6 Fahrenheit)

Power Supply

1.5V DC, 1 LR41 Battery

Power Consumption


Battery Life

2000 Measurements Approx.


Last Reading




12 g


19.4 (W) * 132.5 (H) * 10 (D) mm

Measurement Time

10 Sec for Rectal, 20 Sec for Oral, 25 Sec for Underarm

Water Resistance


Ergonomic Design


Back Light


3 in 1 Measurement Mode





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