Health concerns related to the veins are plaguing an ever-increasing number of individuals across India. A specialized type of hosiery known as compression stockings can facilitate improvements in blood circulation. Also it helps to keep a range of afflictions at bay, including spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. If you are facing such problems we recommend to buy compression garments and use it.

Importance of Medical Compression Garments

There can be no doubt about the importance of compression stockings in managing varicose veins and related complaints. They serve to halt blood clots from forming, ameliorate manifestations of vein diseases. Also they can be an effective follow-up strategy after varicose vein treatment or surgery. A compression socks is known for its tight fit. They compress the wearer’s veins and foster proper circulation. The tightness focuses toward the ankle and relaxes gradually as the stocking approaches the knee.

Following any treatment procedure for varicose veins, it is crucial to use compression stockings. It make sure that improvements in circulation continues. Treatment options for varicose veins inevitably produce scarring of vein walls. Wearing compression garments afterward will cause these walls to compress and heal more rapidly. In addition, such stockings keep blood flowing to associated veins. Hence it significantly lowers the danger of blood clot formation.