As name indicates, an ankle support provides support to your ankle. A physician may prescribe this to his patients or a physiotherapist might recommend it for ankle injuries or for preventing ankle injuries. Also those who believe that they can get more support with this might go out and purchase an ankle brace.

There are various types of ankle braces on the market. The purpose of these supports are different. For example, if you sprained or strained your ankle, then wearing an ankle brace might help stabilize it and it can mobilize your ankle. The goal of wearing a brace is to prevent further injury.

Benifits of an Ankle Support

Also, ankle braces can prevent additional stress on the ankle. It can help you avoid putting stress on the affected foot too. This might make walking easier, which is the main reason people buy and wear ankle braces.

The type of injury you have will play a role in what type of ankle support you should get. The most commonly used supports are maximum support braces, moderate support braces and bandages. There are supports available, which will prevent injury to you.