Tynor Orthotics Private Limited is India’s largest manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and fracture treatment devices. Now serving in international marketplace, they started as India’s first nationwide purveyor of orthopaedic appliances. Before the rise of Tynor Orthotics, Indian patients faced a discouraging marketplace filled with local products of questionable quality and imported devices which were prohibitively expensive.

Tynor India Products

Over the last 15 years, company grew rapidly to take its place as one of India’s two top orthopaedic brands. Today the company works with 500 dealers both within India and abroad. So in total, the company serves patients in more than 30 countries. The reliable products and superior designs are offering superior quality at affordable prices.

Their international operations currently cover countries all over the globe. Products are exporting to Mexico, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and more. Today the company works in collaboration with many of the world’s leading orthopaedic manufacturers, including Thuasne of France.