Owgels is a company that makes products to ensure that you breathe freely, and stay healthy. They are among the few companies that understand the threat posed by respiratory diseases. At present, according to WHO stats, respiratory diseases are among the top 5 causes of mortality and morbidity globally. Yet, there are very few companies that are catering to this segment.

The mission of Owgels group is to provide the highest quality of medical equipment or devices that make breathing more comfortable for patients. It is a multi-national organization that uses German research and technology to create devices. It manufactures its equipment at various locations.

What Products Owgels Make?

Ventilators – mainly used in hospital conditions and enable people to breathe when they are having difficulties. They facilitate the movement of oxygen/air in and out of the lungs. We can use them only in those individuals in whom lungs are in working condition, but he or she is not able to breathe due to specific reasons. Hospitals are not the only ones to use ventilators. We can use smaller versions at home to assist breathing in those living with chronic respiratory diseases. Owgels produce models for use in all sorts of environments from home to hospital and in an emergency ward.

Oxygenators – are equipment that can exchange gases from the blood. Thus it can provide blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from it. Hence we call it as artificial lungs, and unlike ventilators, they are also useful when lungs are not functioning. Surgical procedures on the heart, lungs, and other organs may make using oxygenators necessary. They are usable along with ventilators too. Oxygenators may also be used in non-surgical wards like helping newborn to breathe better. They can be especially useful for babies born with lung defects.

Nebulizers – these are compact machines that can deliver a spray of liquids directly to the respiratory tract. We commonly use them to provide medications directly to the respiratory way. Medications generally dissolve in a fluid, and then with the help of nebulizer, they reach respiratory tract as vapors. Many drugs work better when delivered in this way. Nebulizers have an essential role in the treatment of diseases like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory conditions.

Other areas they specialize

Although, respiratory diseases remain the primary focus of the company, but in recent times it has also started looking into gastro-intestinal health with the introduction of Colon Hydrotherapy Machine. These are compact machines that help keep the colon clean and is useful to treat some medical conditions or just as a part of the detoxification program.

Owgels is an established company in respiratory medicine that provides numerous machines to manage various respiratory conditions. Also its devices are based or research done in Germany. In recent time, the company has fast started expanding its product profile.

Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder