ChoiceMMed is a global manufacturing company based at Beijing, China. They focus on manufacturing health and medical products. They are one of the largest manufactures for Pulse Oximeters, ECG Machines & BP Monitors. ChoiceMMed is the global leaders in selling Pulse Oximeters. They manufacture both fingertip and handheld Pulse Oximeters. ChoiceMMed have more than 10 models of Pulse Oximeters. You can buy ChoiceMMed India Products Online with our store.

About ChoiceMMed India

In India, ChoiceMMed has given their one model of pulse oximeter to Omron for marketing. The model number for this is MD300C20. Hence, Omron India purchase this model from ChoiceMMed and marketing it in India. Recently ChoiceMMed has started their India operation by forming a separate company named as ChoiceMMed India. Hence, most of their products like BP Monitors, ECG Machines, and Patient Monitors are available in India.

Hence ChoiceMMed is a research and development based company. All their manufacturing units meet the compliance with regulatory stands of industry. Also ChoiceMMed products maintains excellent quality.