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Roche Diagnostics is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing blood glucose monitors and their strips.  Accu Chek is a brand name for Glucometers and Strips manufactured by Roche diagnostics. Company manufactures and market different models for this brand. Some of the main models available in India are Active, Aviva, and Performa.

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Today Accu Chek is the number one selling brand across the world in blood glucose monitor category. Hence, the quality of the products are excellent. Also Glucometer models have manufacturer warranty from 10 years to life time in India.  So, Active is the model which is more popular in India.  Moreover, the strips of Active model are very economical comparing to other brands.  Once you purchase the Glucometer, the repeat purchase of strips are very easy. These strips are freely available across India in most of the retailer outlets and online portals. In our store you will be able to purchase the whole range of Active model.