What Causes Chest Pain When It Is Not Related To Your Heart

The most common cause of chest pain can in fact be your heart. If you exclude this confidently as a potential cause for your chest discomfort, it’s also important to make sure that there is no problem with your aorta. This problem is an enlargement of your aorta or even in rare circumstances a tear … Read more

What is a Pulse Oximeter and What Does it Measure?

Living with lung disease such as COPD, emphysema, and lung fibrosis can be a struggle. However, you can live an enjoyable life filled with quality by following a simple, daily routine that includes good self-care. If you require oxygen, there are portable and stationary systems to meet your oxygen needs, which can minimize the inconvenience … Read more

What Is A Pulse Oximeter And When Is It Used?

A Pulse Oximeter is a small & lightweight monitor, which attach to a fingertip painlessly to monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood. Cardiac and respiratory failures are among the leading causes of deaths globally. If the issues with heart are well recognized, people somewhat neglect the importance of respiratory health and monitoring. Therefore if … Read more

What is a Pedometer and How can this Device Help You Boost Your Fitness?

Before we take a look at what is a pedometer, let’s first look at the importance of it. Insufficient amount of exercise have been shown to cause a number of adverse effects on the human body. Several studies have found that people who do not gain enough exercise are at a significantly higher risk of developing … Read more