Importance of Having a Body Weighing Machine at Home

We live in a word where pretty much everything tends to be digitalized. Gadgets like body weighing machine has became the irreplaceable part of our daily routine. They are fast, accurate, efficient – everything we require from a device in a digital era. When it comes to weight management, digitalization enables us to make the weight … Read more

Which is the Best BP Monitor in India?

High blood pressure is the major cause for stroke & heart diseases. The best way to control these 2 problems is by controlling your blood pressure. Controlling your blood pressure starts with regular home monitoring. This will help your doctor to adjust your treatment. An electronic blood pressure monitor will help you to check your … Read more

12 Heart Healthy Foods That Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk

Unhealthy eating habit is one of the major causes of the heart disease. Efforts to make healthy eating choices greatly help in reducing the risk of cardiac diseases. Heart healthy foods are extremely beneficial for the heart health and the people who are at risk of cardiac disease should include these foods in their regular … Read more

What are the Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes is dangerous not because it causes high blood glucose levels, but because it causes damage to any possible organ system. Diabetes is about broader upheavals in the body than many imagine, it is about disturbances in energy metabolism, fat metabolism, and changes in the anabolic processes. All this causes damage to blood vessels, nerves, … Read more