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How to Check Blood Sugar at Home

Nowadays, it is very common to check blood sugar at home. Blood sugar testing at home is very important especially to those who want to manage their diabetes. Those who want to know how to check blood sugar properly and how often to check blood sugar should seek help from their diabetes educator.

It is important for a diabetes educator to observe how you use your glucose meter at home. This will help them ensure that you are doing it properly. At least, it recommends that you do blood sugar testing in the morning before eating anything. It is also a good idea to check your blood sugar level before each food and at bedtime. At times, your doctor may advise you to test your blood sugar 1 and a half hour after taking your meals.

How to Check Blood Sugar from Home

Checking blood glucose levels with blood taken from your fingertips usually shows important changes quicker than checking glucose levels with blood taken from other body parts. The most common way to test blood sugar at home is by:

  • Insert the test strip into the glucose meter
  • Pricking the fingertip using a lancet (small needle)
  • Holding the edge of a test strip to the drop of blood
  • Read the sugar level displayed by the glucose meter
  • Also, if you take insulin, you may adjust the dose based on the blood sugar reading.


Testing blood sugar on a regular basis helps you to avoid harmful consequences of low blood sugar level or very high blood sugar level. Knowing how to manage these drops and spikes could end up saving your life.

If you fully understand how monitoring blood glucose can help prevent complications and help you live a healthy life, then it will be easier for you to stay diligent. Keep in mind that diabetes can be treated if taken seriously. Therefore, you should take this disease seriously so that you can avoid any complications associated with it.

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