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How to Choose the Right Nebulizer Machine for You

While shopping for a nebulizer machine, you need to make sure that you understand how these systems work and how you can benefit from using them.

A nebulizer is a system that turns liquid medicines into mist. The patient needs to inhale these mists into his or her lungs. Similar to an inhaler for asthma, this device can work as an effective alternative to metered dose inhalers (MDI). Most people who need a nebulizer are those who can’t use an MDI in a proper way. Hence they are not benefiting from their respiratory treatment to the full. Apparently, about half of the patients who use an inhaler receive less than the recommended dose of active substance in their lungs. Since so many people find it difficult to use an MDI properly, most of them prefer to replace it with a nebulizer system. Many doctors recommend this solution anyway, particularly to children or seniors.

If you intend to use a nebulizer machine to get your respiratory medication, you’ll probably need some guidance in choosing the best one for you. There are several nebulizer systems available on the online portal today, each of them with its specific benefits and drawbacks.

Tabletop Nebulizers

  • Designed for indoor use, these nebulizers need to rest of a solid and flat surface.
  • They cost less than handheld devices and benefit from longer warranty.
  • Infants and small children will have an easier time using tabletop nebulizers than handheld ones.

Handheld Nebulizers

  • The allow the user a certain mobility degree, since they don’t require to rest on a flat surface.
  • Most of them work with alternative power sources such as batteries or adapters.
  • They are more compact and weigh less than tabletop devices.


In terms of nebulization method, there are two main types of nebulizer systems. These nebulizer systems use different ways of turning the liquid substance into mist.

Aerosol Nebulizers (The Piston Pump Compressor System)

  • These devices deliver air from a compressor, blowing it through the liquid product, generating the aerosol mist.
  • Less expensive than ultrasonic nebulizers. These systems have the same efficiency, being therefore an effective solution to deliver the treatment needed by the patient.
  • They make a little more noise than ultrasonic systems

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

  • These devices turn the liquid into mist through high-frequency sonic vibrations.
  • They are silent and they work faster than aerosol nebulizers.
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers generate smaller and more uniform aerosol particles.
  • It is the recommendation of choice for patients suffering from cystic fibrosis

General Things to Consider Before Buying a Nebulizer Machine

Who’s going to use the nebulizer machine?
If you need the machine for a kid, consider getting a device that has a design to attract the children. If you need it for an infant, make sure it comes with a paediatric mask.

Where are you going to use it?
If you travel a lot or you enjoy an active lifestyle, you should consider a nebulizer machine which is portable.  Also a battery operated nebulizer will help you to use it at any time.

Are you in need for compatible accessories or parts?
Some manufacturers design their parts to be the only ones to fit their devices. Make sure you purchase the right accessories.

How often do you need to replace various nebulizer accessories?
Most nebulizers require thorough cleaning of various parts such as mouthpieces, cups and tubes. Moreover, they require regular maintenance and replacement of the compressor air filters. Make sure you read the enclosed instructions properly. This will help you to find out what parts you need to clean or renew, and how often.

Cleaning And Storage
In order to make the most out of your treatment, you have to clean and sterilize your equipment. Always read the cleaning and storage guidelines included with your purchase, and follow them closely. Observe and follow the rules of proper storage of your unit between uses.

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