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Managing Your Child’s Asthma Using A Nebulizer

Nebulizers are a medical device that delivers an inhaled medication to the lungs. The medication is a fine mist and as your child breathes this mist in via a mouthpiece or mask it will help them to breathe better. Here are the steps to childhood asthma treatment with a nebulizer.

Childhood Asthma Treatment – Nebulizer  With a Mask

Place the dosage of medication into the cup of the nebulizer and connect the end of the tubing to the cup and the other to the nebulizer. Now attach the mask to the cup. Have your child place the mask over their mouth and nose. There are many clever masks that will give your child the ability to choose from and they may help to make this easier for your child. Ensure that the mask is secure and snug over their mouth. Also have your child turn the nebulizer on (there’s just something about allowing your child to involve in this that makes them more likely to be willing to do it). Remind your child to breathe deeply and slowly until the medication cup is empty. This will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the dosage that your child is on.

Childhood Asthma Treatment – Nebulizer  With a Mouthpiece

If using a mouthpiece in lieu of a mask, place the dose of medication into the cup. Connect the end of the tube to the cup and the other to the nebulizer. Attach the mouthpiece to the cup next. Have your child place the mouthpiece into his or her mouth and set it between their teeth and close their lips closing their mouth around the mouthpiece. Turn the nebulizer on and have your child take slow and deep breaths via the mouthpiece until the medication is over. Again, this could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the dosage.

Always follow the directions carefully and when finished with the nebulizer treatment make sure to properly clean the mask or mouthpiece. Also be sure to ask your care provider if you have any questions regarding the dosage, cleaning process or anything else regarding your child’s treatment.

Tips to use a nebulizer for kids

Make the experience as comfortable for your child as possible. Maybe turn on a favorite program or read to them during the process. This works well for older children.

For infants, schedule the treatment after a meal and before a nap or bedtime. If your child is afraid of the sound of the nebulizer, ask your pharmacist for longer tubing. This will help you to move the nebulizer farther away from your child. You could also place the nebulizer on a rug or towel. Hold the mask in place for infants as opposed to using the strap.

Toddlers tend to do better at helping you give them a treatment. Toddlers will actually look forward to it if you put on a favorite program on the television. Also hand them a favorite toy or book or simply read to them. Make it routine and give them an extra hug when they comply and do their treatment without fuss.

Finally as children get older you can explain why they need the treatment and incorporate their help into the routine more. Also ask their provider regarding inhalers and spacers in lieu of a nebulizer.

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