Checking Blood Pressure

Importance of Checking Blood Pressure at Home

Usually people detect high blood pressure at their dentist’s clinic and avoid it by coming to the conclusion that it was only due to nervousness in front of the dentist. Blood Pressure (BP) increases with nervousness, but it is not wise to ignore a high blood pressure reading. Hence, checking BP at home should be a regular habit.

You can compare blood pressure with the pressure which encounter in water tubes. The higher value is systolic and the lower value diastolic. A blood vein loses its elasticity with age and because of that systolic BP increase. So it is important to monitor your BP regularly.

Checking Blood Pressure at Home

Increase in pressure often goes without care. Headaches and blurred vision are the common signs of hypertension. Usually these signs do not occur until the pressure is extremely high.

You should check your BP regularly, once in a week under low stress situations like when you are watching a movie from home or at early morning. If it is showing high (above 140 for systolic and above 90 for diastolic) you should check it daily for couple of times and record it for the reference of your family physician.

It is important to check your BP regularly because high blood pressure is a silent killer. High blood pressure often doesn’t have any symptoms. So when you are at your normal routines, high pressure could be doing harm to your heart, arteries, and other organs. The worst outcome of untreated hypertension (high blood pressure) includes kidney damage, stroke, and sometimes erectile dysfunction.

If you smoke, are obese, you are more prone to hypertension. Other risk factors are absence of physical activity, having high cholesterol level and diabetes.

Having a pressure check at home with an automatic BP Monitor is quick, easy, and painless. It even doesn’t need the help of others and you can do it yourself from your home. Hence, you should discuss with your family physician about the importance of monitoring your BP from home using an electronic BP Monitor.

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  1. John October 22, 2017 Reply

    The information provided here are very very important because the rise in blood pressure increases the risk for more health problems. Also high BP will damage your blood vessels and heart in long run.

    good luck and cheers!

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