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What Are The Benefits of Using a Nebulizer?

It is no secret that introduction of medications into the human body has a number of ways. It depends in large part by the patient’s specific affliction, lifestyle and needs. If you are among those who are battling asthma, bronchitis or another chronic complaint, it may be that your physician has suggested a nebulizer as the best method of treatment. Of course, not everyone knows exactly what a nebulizer is, how it works, its advantages and the ways in which it is distinguishable from an inhaler. In the paragraphs below, nebulizers will be discussed in detail as a way to underscore their incredible value and effectiveness.

Functionality & Convenience of a Nebulizer

Nebulizers are devices that are not altogether unlike traditional asthma inhalers. They offer greater ease of use and a more relaxed experience than inhalers. These attributes make them especially useful for elderly individuals, young children, and the disabled people. The reason nebulizers offer such convenience is that they do not demand the same sort of hand/lung coordination from the person using them as inhalers do. Nebulizers make use of connective tubes which link to a source of compressed air. On activation, air passes through the liquid medication at high velocity. This allows easy inhalation for the patient. The air moving through the liquid produces the aerosol containing medication. Hence user is inhaling this aerosol medication.

In contrast to an inhaler, a nebulizer does not require a single, strong drag of breath to take. Also there is no need to push downward on the device in order to get the medication. A mouthpiece or mask will attach to the patient and to the medication container. Then, the aerosol will generate and sent through the mask for easy inhalation for the user.

The nebulizer automatically dispense the proper dose of medication by design. Hence it makes easy to sit back, breath naturally and receive precisely what the user needs. The process is entirely passive in nature, and it is simple for a caregiver or parent to put the process of administration in motion. The mechanism is ideal for those in the midst of a serious asthma attack, and that is why patients prone to them should always have both an inhaler as well as a nebulizer on stand-by.

Delivery of Medication

It is easy to see why nebulizers are simpler in their operation and a wonderfully passive way to receive medication, particularly when stacked up against inhalers. The question remains, however, why the need of either mode of medication administration in the first place. Some patients simply need direct delivery of medication to the lungs in order to treat serious ailments. This is something which cannot get easily through traditional methods like oral medications. Sending drugs through the bloodstream can result in delays and this is dangerous for those with asthma and similar complaints. Inhalers and nebulizers make administration of vital drugs immediate & direct, something on which many patients must rely.

Nebulizers are so fast and effective in terms of their ability to deliver medication. Hence they are great for people suffering from emphysema, asthma, lung diseases, sinusitis, bronchitis, flu and severe allergies. Nebulizers can also be useful in clearing blockage of airways by dissolving problematic substances therein.

Disadvantages of a Nebulizer

Considering all the benefits of a nebulizer, one might wonder why an inhaler is there to chose instead. The truth is that nebulizers require electricity for usage and this fact can prove inconvenient in some circumstances. The apparatus necessary for nebulizer use is cumbersome and not always easily portable. Therefore, patients in need of a greater level of mobility and freedom may opt for an inhaler more often than not. The necessity of a power source for nebulizer use is another obstacle for some people. Also the cost of electricity is a concern in certain cases. Ultimately, there are situations in which a nebulizer is the right solution and others in which an inhaler makes more sense.

Reasons to Own a Personal Nebulizer

There is no question why hospitals everywhere make certain to have nebulizers on hand for patients who need them. Old age people, who can’t use inhalers properly can go for nebulizers for bringing crucial medication to their lungs. Hence it is not just hospital facilities that can benefit from having a nebulizer at the ready.

If you are suffering from frequent asthma attacks, it might be a wise decision to purchase a personal nebulizer. Owning a nebulizer does involves some financial investment initially. But it is something that can provide lifesaving assistance in times of rapid onset attacks. Also the knowledge that a nebulizer is close at hand is something that can bring peace of mind to patients. While it is certainly true that an inhaler may often be sufficient to address uncomfortable symptoms of many lung conditions. Still the safety and reassurance of having an instantly accessible nebulizer can truly be priceless.

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  1. Tiffany Locke February 22, 2018

    I’m glad that you explain how owning a nebulizer can be useful for patients who require them on hand, such as for old people who can’t use inhalers properly and need to bring crucial medication to their lungs. This would be important to keep them healthy while also providing them with as much independence as possible. When purchasing a nebulizer, you’d probably want to research the different brands and models in order to find one that is the easiest to bring with you so that you have it on hand whenever you need it.

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